Dwelling Tips: How to Create More Storage Space in Your Rental Home

Looking for a way to create additional storage space in your rental home? Below, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you efficiently utilize every nook and cranny your dwelling has to offer. Consider the following tips to help you begin maximizing your storage options:

In the bedroom . . .

1. Store clothes under your bed. Most home good stores sell plastic storage containers in various sizes that you can use to take advantage of the space under your bed.
2. Consider a storage headboard.  Look for a headboard with built-in bookshelves or cubbies, your favorite reads are now organized and less than an arm’s length away.
3. Organize your dresser like a pro.  Utilize drawer dividers to create multiple compartments.
4. Go behind.  Utilize over the door solutions such as shoe bags, caddies, towel holders, or racks to make the most of the space behind the doors.
 5. Maximize closet space.  By adding drawer or shelf units, tiered racks, slide out bins, or shoe cubes everything will be in plain sight and you’ll inadvertently solve your nothing to wear problem.

In the living room . . .

6. Double duty. Consider multi-functional  furniture with storage options; instead of a coffee table try a chest. Storage ottomans are also perfect for stowing away blankets, games, and media.
7. Put the walls to work.  Add a bookcase or shelf units and store away items in decorative boxes in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. Utilizing removable hooks you can easily create a place to store outerwear in the entryway.

In the kitchen . . .

8. Cabinet space slacking . Try mounting a pegboard and hanging all the utensils you can. For the items you can’t hang individually like silverware, create pockets on the pegboard and store them in there. Label the pockets with fabric letters for extra-pizzazz. Don’t forget the space above the cabinets, stow additional items in baskets and place up top.
 9. Check the office supply aisle. Create more space on the inside of a cabinet door by adding hooks or mounting a file holder. No home for your bake ware and cutting board? Try a file organizer.

In the bathroom . . .

10. Install narrow shelves, racks or ledges.  When strategically placed these not only increase the space but also allow easy access to the items used daily. Spice racks work well for organizing beauty products. Add towel racks to the back of the door, that will leave more wall space to utilize as you please.

In any room . . .

11. Use every inch of space.  Take full advantage of every corner in your home; no matter how tight the space seems you’ll be surprised what it can store when you add a shelf here or there.