Dwelling Tips: How to Create More Storage Space in Your Rental Home

Looking for a way to create additional storage space in your rental home? Below, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you efficiently utilize every nook and cranny your dwelling has to offer. Consider the following tips to help you begin maximizing your storage options:

In the bedroom . . .

1. Store clothes under your bed. Most home good stores sell plastic storage containers in various sizes that you can use to take advantage of the space under your bed.
2. Consider a storage headboard.  Look for a headboard with built-in bookshelves or cubbies, your favorite reads are now organized and less than an arm’s length away.
3. Organize your dresser like a pro.  Utilize drawer dividers to create multiple compartments.
4. Go behind.  Utilize over the door solutions such as shoe bags, caddies, towel holders, or racks to make the most of the space behind the doors.
 5. Maximize closet space.  By adding drawer or shelf units, tiered racks, slide out bins, or shoe cubes everything will be in plain sight and you’ll inadvertently solve your nothing to wear problem.

In the living room . . .

6. Double duty. Consider multi-functional  furniture with storage options; instead of a coffee table try a chest. Storage ottomans are also perfect for stowing away blankets, games, and media.
7. Put the walls to work.  Add a bookcase or shelf units and store away items in decorative boxes in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. Utilizing removable hooks you can easily create a place to store outerwear in the entryway.

In the kitchen . . .

8. Cabinet space slacking . Try mounting a pegboard and hanging all the utensils you can. For the items you can’t hang individually like silverware, create pockets on the pegboard and store them in there. Label the pockets with fabric letters for extra-pizzazz. Don’t forget the space above the cabinets, stow additional items in baskets and place up top.
 9. Check the office supply aisle. Create more space on the inside of a cabinet door by adding hooks or mounting a file holder. No home for your bake ware and cutting board? Try a file organizer.

In the bathroom . . .

10. Install narrow shelves, racks or ledges.  When strategically placed these not only increase the space but also allow easy access to the items used daily. Spice racks work well for organizing beauty products. Add towel racks to the back of the door, that will leave more wall space to utilize as you please.

In any room . . .

11. Use every inch of space.  Take full advantage of every corner in your home; no matter how tight the space seems you’ll be surprised what it can store when you add a shelf here or there.

Downtown Milwaukeeans prefer Urban Dwellings

People create an image of themselves based upon how they dress, what they drive, and of course, by where they choose to live. Renters who live in downtown Milwaukee, in the Historic Third Ward, near Walker’s Point, in the North Shore or East Side, typically pay more than those who live in other areas of Southeastern Wisconsin. Why? They pay more because they expect more. Properties in these areas are prime locations, full of social perks and high-end amenities. According to My Dwelling Residential Renters, “reserved, or highly accessible parking and short walking distances to nightlife,” are the two most common amenities requested by those looking to live downtown. This fits the national trend towards the desire to live in walkable neighborhoods.

Local restaurants and bars are abundant downtown, and many locations combine the two! Well-known local chefs have brought national attention to local restaurants. Redowntown milwaukee  livingserve a table to experience upscale trendy décor, delicious menu options, and a social atmosphere that just begins to come alive at dusk.

The “Downtown Milwaukeean” is a special blend of professional and hip, typically between 21-40 years of age. Luxury condos, all-inclusive studios, and edgy apartments with a view are all the rage. But bigger is not always better to these people, as many urban dwellers live alone. Downtown living is about lifestyle and social status.

Downtown dwellers live in a fast-paced environment so they like the flexibility of getting to work using easy access interstate hubs, buses or bikes. They tend to prefer the upscale amenities found in more modern and simplified housing accommodations. Not only do they enjoy everything artsy and entertaining, but also place a large importance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Workouts are a part of everyday life for many health-conscious adults, and this is especially true for those residing downtown. Wisconsin is, no doubt, a four-season state! Access to bike and running trails during nice weather is a must. On the flip side…snowshoe, ski trails, and alternative indoor options such as skating and nearby workout facilities in the winter is hugely important as well.

  • Uber Milwaukee: From downtown Milwaukee to UWM, Mitchell Airport, the Brewers Stadium, to the stylish new Mayfair Collection, Uber is a quick, mobile, cashless, and reliable ride.
  • Map My Ride and Map My Run: Find links to see for yourself the number of cycling and jogging routes right here in downtown Milwaukee.
  • Eater: Drinks, forum, and Reviews about downtown. See some of the newest restaurants that are creating some serious Milwaukee living buzz.
  • Get a flavor for downtown: dining, nightlife, arts, culture and more. Milwaukee offers far more than just breweries and good beer.
  • The greener side of Milwaukee: Find out more about how Milwaukee is being “green.”

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Seasonal Engagements lead to Rental Property Search

Demographics of home renters

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40 million people move each year and 35% rent homes. Two of three young people who live at home today will become renters. Nearly 80% of renters are under the age of 25. Persons who rent generally fit into “stages of life” categories. For example, people who rent are often: Professionals relocating for employment, recently divorced people in need of their own place, young people, newlyweds, and retirees who appreciate less responsibility and more convenience in their living arrangements.

seasonal engagement

Seasonal Engagements lead to Rental Property Search

Seasonal Engagements

We are right in the middle of a joyous, celebratory, and memory-making time of year. Along with family gatherings, parties, presents, good food and cocktails, there emerges another common theme; engagements! Between thirty and forty percent of engagements actually happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The newly engaged couples will not only be planning a wedding and honey-moon, but will also need to find a place to live together.

Why renting may be a better option than buying

Renting has fewer obligations than home ownership, and offers a smoother transition in-between life stages. As a renter, you may not have the responsibility of yard or home maintenance. You won’t have to worry about replacing high dollar items such as furncaces, nor will you have to worry about the maintenance on these items. For some, short-term renting allows time to get settled while building a career, and making future plans. Renting can provide time for saving money and researching options. If and when the time comes to purchase a home, it should make good financial sense. With renting, there’s no hurry; be sure you’re ready to deal with the challenges that come with homeownership before buying.

Easy Rental Property Search

Planning a wedding it stressful enough, finding a rental property should not be! Sure, cities such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have more rental properties available than smaller cities but this shouldn’t overwhelm the newlyweds. A qualified residential rental agency will help potential renters quickly sift through available properties to find a few of the best potentials. My Dwelling is a Milwaukee area residential rental agency that specializes in matching renters to sophisticated, higher end, luxury apartments, condos, and single-family homes. My Dwelling offers unparalleled knowledge and unmatched services that make renting simplified. Search available rental properties in or around Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The New Face of My Dwelling WI

MyDwelling.comLogoNearly fifteen years ago My Dwelling was launched as a small leasing agency for single family homes and condos. A customer-driven mission and specialty in connecting people to the perfect rental home, was the foundation of the business. Since its inception, My Dwelling has built a reputable name across Southeastern Wisconsin. Renters, landlords, and the My Dwelling team have together contributed towards the forward momentum, as other residential renters have downsized. Residential and executive clients recognize the people at My Dwelling as a team of professional, knowledgeable, and reliable real estate agents. As a matter of fact, many would argue that they have become the preferred choice for luxury rental properties, most notably in the Milwaukee Northshore, Milwaukee Downtown, and Milwaukee’s East Side. They have also successfully incorporated home and condo management, and perfected executive relocation and short term leases. All of the services My Dwelling offers have created a highly functioning, full-service rental agency. Recently, the team at My Dwelling was featured in Milwaukee Magazine Faces of MKE 2015 Article

My Dwelling finds more real estate momentum with Shorewest Realtors

On October 13, 2015, a press release from the Marketing Director of Shorewest Realtors was released announcing that it had acquired the My Dwelling Milwaukee residential rental and property management company. Since that time, My Dwelling continues to do what it does best, and remains at the downtown Schlitz Business Park location. The previous owner, Mark Wiener, has now become “Managing Broker” of My Dwelling, and oversees a team of nearly ten agents and supportive office staff.

A word from Mark Wiener, New Managing Broker for My Dwelling Inc.

“We are excited to join the Shorewest Realtor family. My new role as Managing Broker due to the recent Shorewest Realtors partnership, allows me the wonderful opportunity and ability to successfully manage the My Dwelling office operations day to day, and yet, have the Shorewest Realtor marketing support, resources, related Shorewest Realtor companies, and the complete executive management team available to all of our My Dwelling agents and office staff- to advise, offer suggestions and solutions to any issues that arise. This allows My Dwelling to continue to provide the strong, and now expanded client and customer services that we have built our reputation on over the years. “

My Dwelling, a Wisconsin Residential Rental Agency

My Dwelling holds an A+ Rating with the BBB of Wisconsin. Find available rental properties, and more contact information at www.my-dwelling.com.